Mikko Mustonen

Senior Lecturer



mikko.mustonen (at) aalto.fi

Tel: +358 400 200 480

Mailing address:
Aalto School of Business
P.O. Box 21210
00076 Aalto 

Visiting address:
Arkadiankatu 7
Helsinki, Finland





Asymmetric networks and the incentives to innovate

Incentives, information extraction and task assignments. (joint work with Mikko Leppamaki)

Economics of Privacy



Mustonen M. (2000) Strategic R&D investment in future compatibility. EURAS Yearbook of Standardization Vol. 3, ed. Holler M, Niskanen E. (Homo Oeconomicus XVII(3)), Accedo Verlag, Munich, Germany.

Mustonen M. (2003) Copyleft-the economics of Linux and other open source software. Information Economics and Policy 15(1), 99-121.

Mustonen M. (2005) When do firms support the development of substitute copyleft programs? Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 14(1), 121-139.

Glazer A., Kanniainen V., Mustonen M. (2005) When A Loser Gains: Free Riding in The Innovation of Network Goods. Journal of Economics, 87, 55-71.

Mustonen M. (2005) Signalling Cost with Investment in Compatibility. Netnomics 7, 39-57.

Leppamaki M., Mustonen M. (2009) Skill signaling with product market externality. The Economic Journal, 119, 1130-1142.

Mustonen M. (2010) The employment contract when the firm can utilize a free resource. Journal of Economics, 99, 231-250.


Mustonen M. (2018) Direct publishing and the bargaining between the author and the publisher. Information Economics and Policy (forthcoming).



Industrial Organization (micro 3)

Mathematical Methods in Economics


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