Juuso Välimäki

Tel: +358 40 353 8182

Mailing address:
Aalto University School of Business
P.O. Box 21240
00076 Aalto

Visiting address:
Ekonominaukio 1
Espoo, Finland


Refereed Journal Publications:

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Survey Articles in Edited Volumes:

(With Dirk Bergemann) ‘Information in Mechanism Design’, 2006, in: Richard Blundell, Whitney Newey, and Torsten Persson (eds.), Proceedings of the 9th World Congress of the Econometric Society, Cambridge University Press.
(With Dirk Bergemann) ‘Bandit Problems’, 2006, in the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, McMillan.

Working Papers and Work in Progress:

(With Chang Koo Chi and Pauli Murto) ‘Correlated Large Contests’, 2019.
(With Pauli Murto) ‘Common Value Auction with Costly Entry ‘, 2019.
(With Daniel Hauser and Pauli Murto) ‘Herding with Endogenous Timing’, 2019.

(With Christian Krestel) ‘Learning while Searching’. 2018.
(With Robin Mason) ‘Learning in Contests’, Helsinki, 2016.